Commercial Properties for Buffalo, NY

Tudor Collins Commercial Real Estate can help you find the commercial property that works for your business and budget. See below to view all available retail spaces in Buffalo and Western New York. Listed properties include retail spaces for sale or lease. Contact Tudor Collins today to set up a viewing appointment or learn more. Call 716-849-6100 or email

Things to look for in a commercial property:

  • Size - Find a space that’s the right size for your operation.
  • Parking – Does the property offer adequate parking spaces for your employees? If there are customers coming to your property, where will they need to park? If they need to walk because there isn't any nearby parking, it might turn them away. 
  • Lots of light - Having a lot of natural light will help your office feel more open and natural.
  • Electrics - Does the property have the capacity to power all the electronics that will be used - computers, laptops, servers?
  • Transportation - Is the property near the Metro rail or on a bus line so your employees can get to work easily?
  • Location - Are there places for your employees to easily walk to for lunch or on break? Are you conveniently located for your desired clientele?

At Tudor Collins Commercial Real Estate, we understand that you'll have specific needs for your retail or commercial property. We'll help you find a commercial property that meets all of your needs so your business can succeed. This is an exciting time for business owners in Buffalo - let us help you be part of it! Call today!